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Individualized Training

The coaching philosophy here is simple:
Every runner has a unique path to success.

This isn’t the place to find ready-made training plans or cookie-cutter workouts. Experience a training program that is designed specifically for YOU.


1-On-1 Coaching



Client Experience

When I decided to run my first half marathon I had pretty much no experience with running and I sought out Nicole’s help. She asked me a few questions and looked over the running I had been doing. The plan was specific and detailed but still flexible. It outlined all the hard work that would be required from me to break my goal of 2 hours. Nicole was quick to respond to questions and concerns and was able to adapt to the plan when life, and health required it. I had to work hard, but did not need to think about what I was doing or whether or not it was working. I quickly made significant progress in my running fitness. When race day arrived Nicole made sure I was prepared both physically and mentally. The increase in my fitness was reward in itself, but being able to execute the race plan and meet my goal was really a significant accomplishment and one I would not have been able to do without Nicole’s coaching.
— Jordan Penner, Winnipeg, MB
Thank you Coach Nicole! With Nicole’s guidance I have made more progress in the last 6 months than in the previous 3 years of coaching myself. My training has been consistent, focused, and effective. I always know not only what I should be doing, but why I am doing it. And the quick answers to my endless questions are really appreciated! For the first time my goal of achieving a BQ time seems possible.
— Roger R. Ann Arbor, MI

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